Apr 25, 2011

easter weekend

i spent the whole weekend in the kitchen:
 fettucini with homemade alfredo and sauted mushrooms and broccoli by request of my brother

 cherry cheesecake by request of my dad. and because april 23 is national cherry cheesecake day!

 my sister's really cute easter eggs that i'm envious of. mine were pretty cool but transformed into egg salad sandwhich feeling befor i could snap a picture.

shortbread cookie bars with strawberry preserves (and no pecans) from baking bites. i was on desert control for easter dinner.

Apr 22, 2011

breakfast boredom

so this morning i was in a cooking mood. i wanted to bake buttermilk bars, but my pantry is running low on baking supplies. so i resorted to a big continental breakfast with scrambled eggs, morningstar vegetarian sasauge (which is amazing by the way)  fried ramen, home fries and banana pancakes.  it was way too boring to take pictures of. i realized i need to get more creative with my breakfasts and not fall into the monotomy of eggs and toast. so....

cinnamon baked french toast


 from let's dish


peanut butter!

i L.O.V.E. peanut butter. peanut butter and jelly. peanut butter and bananas. peanut butter and chocolate. peanut butter fluffernutter, sweet lord. back in the golden days of my youth (middle school) i would pack a peanut butter fluffernutter sandwich everyday for lunch. and i'm still not sick of them. this post is an ode to peanut butter, who has helped me through my omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan days and i'm positive will help me through my college and motherhood days. peanut butter, you will be with me always.

*links torecipes are italicized under each picture.

1. peanut butter fluffernutter sandwhich

2. peanut butter chocolate micro tarts(vegan)

from clean green simple

3. peanut butter ice cream and mini fluffernutter sundaes
from bakingdom

4. peanut butter pretzel bites
Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites (dipped in chocolate)
from 17 and baking

5. peanut butter and jelly cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream

from carrots n chocolate

6. nutella and peanut butter granola bars

from pass the sushi

Apr 20, 2011


hi, i'm angel from little obsessions. one of my major obsessions is food. can you blame me? gastronomy is one of god's greatest gift to mankind. the name of my blog is an allusion to M.F.K. Fisher's book How to Cook a Wolf from The Art of Eating.

i have a shelf exploding with cookbooks. i cook american classics for my siblings, southern heart attacks for my daddy, healthy vegetarian fare for my filipino mom, and vegan wonders for myself. as a former vegan, i love healthy food and healthy versions of unhealthy food. one of my lifetime goals is to own my own cafe and serve my favorite recipes.

this blog is my encyclopedia of recipes, documentation of my kitchen adventures, and stimuli for my tastebuds.