Jan 3, 2013

happy 2013

diet books are topping amazon's bestsellers lists. gyms are growing more crowded than ever. blenders are abuzz. and now is apparently the perfect time to test the waters of the new liquid cleanse fad.
this is good! our resolutions must still be fresh in our minds and bodies.
i personally have never been one for strict diet regimes. i enjoy the sensation of food too much to give it up, even for a mere 14 days or whatever.i'm not a sissy, i'm just a lover of good food.
so as i was scouring the web in search of healthy recipes for the new year i came across the bon app├ętit food lover's cleanse.
ah, finally
a detox i can survive on!

all you juicers can eat your heart out.
feast on, gourmands.

click here for day by day meal plan + recipes