Jul 31, 2011

If you have been to starbucks lately, you should have drooled over the new coconut frappuccinos. 

copy cat recipe:

Jul 21, 2011

national ice cream month

in the sweltering summer heat of july, nothing sounds better than ice cream. 

1. honey comb ice cream

2. smore ice cream
S'mores Ice Cream

3. tea and biscuits ice cream
Tea and biscuits close up

4. chai tea latte ice cream
Chai Ice Cream Stay Cool with Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream
from babble

5. coconut chocolate chip ice cream VEGAN
dairy-free coconut chocolate chip ice cream recipe

6. fruity ice cream smoothie pie
"fruity ice cream smoothie pie"

7. cake batter ice cream VEGAN
funfetti icecream

8. buttered popcorn ice cream

9. lavender honey ice cream

10. cinnamon ice cream
scoop of cinnamon ice cream

Jul 1, 2011

strawberry shortcake

i've been grounded from baking for the past ten days. but the second my groundation ended, i ignited my gas oven and went to work. i made mini strawberry shortcakes drizzled with strawberry syrup. i've never eaten one and they looked so pretty and dainty. i had to give them a try.

recipe from savory sweet life

super grape drink

i would like to introduce to you the most elegant grape juice you will ever drink. meet first blush, a 100% pure merlot juice. varietal wine grapes are crushed into a pure, sweet juice swimming with antioxidants and no mystery chemicals. there are literally two things on the ingredient list: merlot juice and filtered water. i like to make my merlot sparkle by mixing it with club soda. but find recipes here.