Jun 28, 2011

summer desert

 you know it's officially summer when you've been invited to a barbeque. i volunteered to bring deserts, but i'm oh so indecisive...

1. mini strawberry shortcakes

from snappy gourmet

2. olive oil cake with candied oranges

from food babbles

3. blue berry streusel bars with lemon cream filling
Blueberry-Streusel Bars with Lemon Cream Filling
from tracey's culinary adventures

4. strawberry cream cake

from everyday occasions

5. chocolate tart with creme and blood orange

from our kitchen

6. strawberry upside down cake
from joy the baker

7. citrus cake with lemon curd filling and orange lemon icing

from apollinas

Jun 12, 2011

ice ice baby

every summer i make mid-year resolutions. one of mine this year is to drink more water. i think water is boring so i revised that resolution and opted to drink more iced tea.

1. iced chamomile sun tea

2. hibiscus tea

3. strawberry mint iced tea

4. mango iced tea

5. ultimate iced tea

Jun 11, 2011

gimme gimme more

gimme sweet nostalgia, backyard campfires, burnt marshmallows, sticky fingers. gimme s'mores.

1. s'mores bars

2. s'mores cake in a jar

3. s'mores graham cookies

4. chocolate covered s'mores grahams
Chocolate Covered S'mores Grahams

5. peanut butter s'mores turnovers

6. s'mores cupcakes

7. chocolate covered s'more cookies
cookies on plate close

Jun 9, 2011


meals are sacred and therefor shall be enjoyed in sacred surroundings. if your area is not as lovely as your meal, make some changes. even if they are minuscule; set out some fresh flowers, use cool salt and pepper shakers, add some color. 

decoração apartamento móveis 31 605x403 Decoração em tons pastéis
pictures from dwellinggawker.com

Jun 5, 2011

wild and free

i am currently on a road trip through the midwest. between colorado, new mexico and arizona, i've seen plenty of colorful wild flowers growing. they look so beautiful i could just eat them all up. maybe i will...

1. violet tea cupcakes

2. humming bird cupcakes with pineapple flowers
Hummingbird Cupcakes2

3. rice salad with carrots and chive flowers

4. fruit and flower salad

5. garden rose syrup

6. lychee rose cupcakes
Lychee Rose Cupcakes

7. rose petal and coconut fudge

8. rose milk
Rose Milk
from ecurry

9. espresso white chocolate rose cake